A great diversion – What’s more important: 1 “racist” white man or 50% of black babies aborted?

While the NAACP attacks Sterling for his use of his first amendment rights greater threats face the black community — Like 50% of all Black babies being aborted.

“NAACP: Sterling’s Lifetime Ban Isn’t Enough, Want To Meet With Silver”

“Federal Report: Almost Half the Babies Aborted in NYC Were Black”

First of all does the NAACP not understand the difference between racism and prejudice? [They do they’re just evil] Racism requires some form of action. What we have here is a group of people, the NAACP, promoting thought crime and the general public ignorantly follows them. I can’t take it. I can’t stand stupid people.

Second the NAACP does nothing, that I cant tell, to help black people. When will the NAACP demand fluoride be removed from inner city drinking water where many minorities live? [never] Fluoride reduces IQ! It seems to be they want minorities to be stupid.

“Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ”

The NAACP actively attacks the Black family unit by promoting degenerate idea’s via proxy.  Can no one see they only do things to hurt minorities?

“NAACP sells its soul by seducing gangsta rappers”

We do not have any Black leaders. What we have is Black predators who feed on the weak! I’m sick of the NAACP. It’s an outdated organization that needs to shut its doors forever.

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