Rape, negligence, and Stupitity — Many will be offended by reading this.

I’m going to make a lot of people angry with this post so stop reading if your easily offended. No, I’m not pro-rape so don’t ask me stupid questions. Everyone should carry a gun. It’d be really hard for rapists to rape 6 feet deep.

How come when it comes to crime prevention everyone has common sense except when it comes to preventing rape? Before all women get defensive, men can be raped too, don’t act like you have the moral high ground because you’re a woman.  In every other part of life people take safety precautions but when it comes to the subject rape it becomes “my right” to act like a moron. The people, like myself, who say things that should be common sense become bad guys because they want to help. Let me give an example — “I shouldn’t have to worry about how much I drink. The rapist is bad” That’s true but also STUPID. This is reality. Evil exist. Does anyone out there really think criminals care about anyone elses rights? The moment a person makes themselves vulnerable is the moment a criminal tries to take advantage of them. Don’t blame me because you want to live in a delusional fantasy land where nothing bad happens.

The worse part is these “victims” want everyone to pity them for being stupid. Does anyone pity somebody for wasting their entire paycheck on lottery tickets? No, its stupid. Does anyone pity people who fall for Nigerian email scams which are known to rip people off? No, thats stupid. Does anyone pity people who gamble away all their life savings at casinos? No, thats stupid. Does anyone pity people like the crocodile hunter who died by an animal attack? No, that’s stupid. Does anyone pity people who die from bungee jumping? NO, THAT’S STUPID! If no one pities them why on God’s green earth should I pity a person which walks down dark alleys, in bad neighborhoods, and in skimpy clothing, on purpose, because its “their right” to do so? Listen dummies. It is your right but guess what? Criminals don’t respect individual rights. That’s why its a good idea to be smart and protect yourself. Also let me be clear; I’m not trying to make rape victims feel guilty here. This is advice to help prevent rape, not make people feel guilty after they’ve been raped.

I’m the evil one though. I’m so evil because I tell people “It’s hard to be taken advantage of if you’re not wasted.” I’m evil because I tell people “Maybe you should take a gun with you if your heading to shady area’s.”  I’m evil because I say “maybe its a bad idea to go somewhere at night looking like a hooker.” I’m so evil because I ruin people’s “fun”. Well guess what? The rapist is going to ruin your bootyhole. What is more important, “fun” or your bootyhole? It’s as simple as that. That idea of “fun” comes with an high risk. It’s not my fault people don’t want to face reality. Grow up.

Now, its time to make people really angry. Did you people know that negligence is not only a sin in the bible its also a crime under law? If I saw someone being raped I would have to help them or I would be just as guilty. Now if I, a third party, hold some sort responsibility for someones actions why do some rape victims claim innocents when they don’t fight back? You people are guilty! I don’t care how bad you feel about it. That may make me a bad person by telling you this but I never said I was good. More importantly its the truth. I’m suppose to help but these people wont help themselves? How is that right? It’s not right at all. Saying “I was scared because the rapist said he’d kill me” is not a excuse. First off, why would a victim believe anything a rapist has to say? He’s/she’s only a rapist, there’s no way they would lie. [/end sarcasm] Second…there is no second. Why would a rapist tell the truth? Why would anyone believe a rapist? Many of them are murderers.

I’m sick of you people asking for pity. It’s an insult to people who have been raped and tried their best to fight back. I respect those people who fought back. I respect people who fight for what’s right. I respect people who mind what they wear when they dont want unwanted attention. I respect people who don’t let evil tread over them. I respect people who drink responsibly. [Although its better not o drink at all] I respect those who at least try to look out for themselves. What I don’t respect is willing ignorant and or stupid people. What I don’t respect is people who roll over to evil. I don’t respect people who do not respect themselves.

Lastly, stupid people should not be taken advantage of. No one should be raped but that does not mean I should hold your stupidity in high regard either. I doubt it but if by some chance there’s a rape victim out there who did things like I described above or didn’t fight back reading my blog, I just want you to know you do hold some but NOT ALL responsibility for what happen regardless of what mainstream media tells you. (Don’t commit suicide because I told you the truth either) Learn from you’re mistakes and don’t live in lala land. Don’t be a victim be smart in the future.

TL:DR, Don’t invite me to your pity party. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of seeing it. I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m sorry many people have to learn personal responsibility, which in this case means getting raped, the hard way. End of story.

GachiYellow out.

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2 Responses to Rape, negligence, and Stupitity — Many will be offended by reading this.

  1. themanofmanytelents says:

    Getting your point and where you are coming from and you aren’t wrong in what you are trying to say. Also I like the “very subtle” second amendment thing you got going there. But please, can you tell me your thoughts on child rape?


  2. gachiyellow says:

    Do you mean the laws against consensual underage sex? Rape is always bad because the victim doesn’t agree to it — so I assume you mean that. My opinion on consensual underage sex is what many people would find “controversial”

    While I respect and understand laws stating a person must be 18 to consent I also think they were made lacking understanding of history. Like it or not nature made it so woman can bear children at age 13. This is not my opinion. This is fact. Is nature pedophilic in ‘nature’? (pun intended)

    People act like its the end of the world when a 12th grader has consensual sex with a 9th grader when just under 100 years ago people were marring at that age (14) in the United States. Once again, this is fact not my opinion. To this day people still can get married at age 16 in some states if my memory serves me correctly.

    Getting to the main point I think the parents should be involved if the person is under age — because I’m not so naive to fail to understand older persons could take advantage of younger persons. For the most part the up roar about underage sex is a bunch of holier than thou bull butter because all though out the history of mankind people have married young.

    That being said, that does NOT mean I personally like under age girls. I don’t have time for people trying to spin this saying I’m a pedophile just because I stated history which is fact.


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