GachiYellow Review – King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition

For those of you who don’t know King of Fighters 13 just recently released for Steam on PC. This is one of the best fighting games I’ve played in a long time. There’s a wide variety of characters. There are no clone characters meaning no two characters have the same playstyle, and the game is very balanced. Well over half the cast is usable at the highest level of game play. The fighting engine is really deep and the combo system gives players lots of room to experiment. There’s also a feature that allows players to color edit their character of choice. I like this because it adds individuality to characters. Also I like being able to create epic looking color schemes and viewing other peoples as well.

For those who are wondering the DLC characters are already available so there’s no need to purchase them separately. All you have to do is meet certain requirements arcade to unlock some of them.

Online mode is really good. I don’t have the best connection to say the least. In fact its pretty bad. My connection speed is 3mb download but I only get around 2mb and that’s on good days. Even though my connection isn’t great I’m still able to play. It’s very possible to learn how to play the game from online alone. The way online works is  there’s a input delay that prevents lag. The weaker the internet connection the more input delay a game will have. There are pros and cons to this. The pros are **no lag at all**. This game does not lag. Lag tactics do not work on this game. The con is if you have a connection that isn’t so great input delay will become noticeable. What this means is it will become harder to react to moves because there’s a gap between when someone presses the button and when characters actually respond. If a person has good internet there are no cons to online from what I can tell.

This game is as close to perfect as SNK can get. This game is easily 10 out of 10. Buy this game ASAP. When you get it come play me.

GachiYellow out.

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