“Transgender Rights Trump Girls Privacy?”

“Girls ‘harassed’ in school bathroom by transgender student told his rights trump their privacy.  Girls have complained about the transgender student’s harassment of them in bathrooms.   The girls have been threatened with removal from sports teams and hate crimes charges.”

All you LBGT folks should know there is no such thing as a “gay gene.” I can prove it to you scientifically. Outside forces can affect or even change sexuality. Also let it be known that Estrogen is put into food to make males more feminine. I know that’s evil but the government still does/allows it because they hate you. Do you people really think the government is going though all this trouble because they love you? Do you think they are doing it because they want equal rights for LBGT? No, they are doing it because its easier to control people if they have no morals. [I’m not saying homosexuals have no morals here. I don’t have time for straw man arguments so don’t post them.] Its a form of mind control.  The goal is to use “hate crimes” as a weapon.

Here’s proof there is no “gay gene.” Even though any person that slightly understands science wouldn’t need a link — if anyone is to believe natural selection then homosexuality would have to be extinct by now. The percentage ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals is to low.


Update: It seems there is some evidence this article may be fake. Although the article above may be wrong I wont delete this post because of the content I added which explains why incidents like this one, although proven false this time, will become more and more prevalent in the future.

“Fox Nation promoted a story claiming that a transgender student was “harassing” female students in the school bathroom, citing wildly inaccurate reporting from a conservative Christian news site that has been debunked by the school’s superintendent.”


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8 Responses to “Transgender Rights Trump Girls Privacy?”

  1. Kira says:

    You know what? This story has been making the rounds as it were yet every opinion piece pretty much rehashes the original story without adding any information. How many girls complained? What the accusations leveled against this Trans* student? Just how was “she” harassing the other girls? Who brought the original complaint? Is there a copy of the schools official reply? None of this information has been provided which makes this a little difficult to take at face value. Quite frankly this sounds like another “men in dresses stalking women in the restroom” stories which have been proven time and again to be nothing more than urban legends at best and deliberate lies to reach a political end at worst.
    Let us see a real news story about this, written by a real investigative reporter complete with a copy of the original complaint and the schools reply, then we can talk about this singular case and see it resolved properly.

    Otherwise it is nothing more than heresy and not worthy of attention.


    • gachiyellow says:

      If the story wasn’t real the school could sue for libel and slander. If this article is fake then why hasn’t the school pressed charges? At the very least they should have spoken out against it denying the charges.


      • Kira says:

        Just who would they sue and over what? The story is vague at best and no one is named directly. Yes, the schools reputation gets bruised but it doesn’t mean it’s criminal. As for speaking out, odds are they were advised to say nothing in hopes of letting the story die a natural death.


  2. gachiyellow says:

    I just told you =/
    Maybe you don’t understand. Libel and slander are crimes. Any site that engages in such activities can be sued. For example if I said X person was raping children he could sue me if he proves its false and it damaged his reputation or caused him to lose something of value. This article is devastating. If fake it would be an easy victory for the school.


  3. Kira says:

    Oh dear me, it seems I understand perfectly well what you meant, the problem however is the story is completely false as I first suspected it was. Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti has stated publicly there has been no reported incidents of harassment at the school. It was an article written for the Daily Mail which first put this idea forward and it has since been taken down, though as you can see, a number of other sites picked it up and ran with it without bothering to confirm the facts for themselves. What actually happened is this was nothing more than the concern of a single parent who, when they didn’t receive the answer they wanted from the school, the district, or the school board, then went to the media.

    So let me repeat, just so we understand one another…
    IT NEVER HAPPENED. The entire story was a lie from front to back and you, my dear. swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

    Just to show I’m not blowing smoke, here is the link:

    Please have a wonderful day.

    Kira Moore


    • gachiyellow says:

      I’ll add that link to the article. Also you don’t have to get defensive just because I asked how come the school didn’t come out against it if the article is fake. Now that the school has I have reason to believe this story may be forged.


      • Kira says:

        I am sorry if I came across as defensive, I wasn’t trying to be. I am however, rather irritated by people’s tendency to assume the worst without bothering to check the facts or reserving judgment until said facts are known. There are enough hairballs in this soup who have caused nothing but trouble with their behavior without the need to have imaginary ones added to it.

        The issue of gender in general and Transgender/Transsexuals in particular is confusing enough to the average person and those running these sites aren’t helping.

        I do want to thank you for taking the time to have a discussion despite the tone I may have taken.

        Please take care and maybe we will talk again one day.




  4. gachiyellow says:

    No problem. My whole reason is posting the article is to inform people on how this corrupt government called the US of A is using “hate crimes” as a weapon. While the article may focus on LBGT I’m focusing on the government. They not only use LBGT, they use minorities as well. The media is quick to call anyone racist if they disagree with Obama. Well I’m more black than Obama and I say he’s racist. Black unemployment has skyrocketed since he came into office. All of this political correctness is destroying our country. First and foremost freedom of speech and freedom of liberty must prevail.


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