Phantasy Star Online 2 Update

Well the good news is Phantasy Star Online 2 has an update today. The bad news is its huge, five gig, and I have horrible internet. I am bored out of my mind at the moment. I just want to play. I don’t know what it is about this latest update but it has been trolling me for days on end. On PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2) you can pre-patch the game before humongous updates such as this one. I tried to pre-patch the game at least three days ago. Each time I try what do I get? Error! I tried to pre-patch the game at least five to ten times. My efforts were to no avail. I did not prevail. I guess I was destine and bound to fail. I did, however, manage to get about twenty percent of the pre-patch downloaded. The sad part is I’m happy about this. That’s just how bad my internet connection is.

I had planned to play PSO2 today. I knew the update was coming soon but I didn’t know it would be in the midday. This completely crushed all my plans. Before they were crushed I had planned to complete this mission I have which grants five SP points. SP points can be added to abilities on your characters skill tree. My character is a female Newman. [Newmans are the race best suited for magic] It’s main job is a level 46 Techer. Its sub job is a level 46 Force. I digress. Now instead of killing monsters I’m looking at a download screen while sitting here typing this blog. I am bored with a capital B. That about all I have that’s relatively important to say. I’ll give details on this patch after I download it — That’s if Jesus doesn’t come back first. Until then I’ll try not to die of boredom.

GachiYellow out

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