GachiYellow goes shopping (forced)

So I’m shopping right. The person that forced me to join this quest wanted a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I didn’t want to do it! It was completely against my will. Woe is me. I thought dudes were suppose to spend less time in stores. Oh my goodness the time spent in these couple of outlets was ridiculous. Can I walk around in peace? Nope, look for longer than three minuets here comes a sales representative.
Sales representative: “Hello are you finding everything alright” [They’re thinking don’t steal anything bastard]
Me: “I’m just waiting on someone else to get done shopping.” [I’m thinking I don’t want to be in this stupid store in the first place]

Hu ha! Now that I answered your question you gotta leave. Anyway, some random person ask me where the neck ties are. Now that I think about it that’s kind of an ego boost. I look important enough for people to ask me where the ties are even though I’m not wearing one. Unfortunately I’ve only been to this store, which I shall not name, one time so I don’t know where anything is really. I’m sorry random lady. I revealed my unimportant-ness. *is sad*

My tormentor is back! He says:
“Really you need time to shop. I just don’t have the time right now”
Me: “I don’t shop like that. I just go into a store find what I need and leave in under 3 minuets.”
My tormentor: “I figured that”

Earlier that day:
My tormentor: How does these shorts look?
Me: “I don’t dress like other people. when is the last time you seen me wear shorts?”
My tormentor: “Oh that’s right you don’t wear them. You know what, I don’t like you GachiYellow.”

I couldn’t think of an epic way to fit that last conversation in but it was funny so I threw it in anyway.

Nani?! You’re done? I can go home now? What about socks you need some of them. He says he wont wear any.

GachiYellow out

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