Anime is not for children

Why are people so dumb? Whoops that’s an entire blog right there. There’s a few things I want to get off my chest. Anime is not a genre. It is a type of media presentation of which form is animation. Is a movie a genre? Is a  novel a genre? Is a podcast a genre? No, then why do people attempt to limit anime to a genre? It’s retarded.

Next, I don’t know what it is about western civilization these days but they hold a very strong, and ignorant, opinion that if its animated the target audience is children. Now it would be one thing if this opinion was only limited to western cartoons since the vast majority of them are aimed at children, but anime? Good Google-ly goo, in a world where Hentai exist how can one hold such an outlandish opinion? (Disclaimer: Hentai is bad. If you don’t know what it is don’t look it up.)

Even without that anime is known for being super violent (thank you 80’s anime) and filled with scantily clad females. I don’t know what started this trend of animated videos being “childish” but if I had to guess I would wager a big part of that assumption comes from the way many adults and youngsters alike define adult oriented content . In a nutshell; no blood, no sex, then it must be for children. The majority of most people have seemly forgotten there’s a such thing as adult themes. More importantly, not all adult themes are negative. (A.K.A. something you may or may not be ashamed to show your grandparents)  An adult theme would be anything a child may not understand or most likely may not be interested in.

People it’s time to get over this idea if media is in a certain form or presentation it must be aimed at X audience. It’s ignorant; plain and simple. The people who limit themselves just don’t know what they are missing. I’m not just talking about anime here. These people miss out on a lot of fun activities because of this train of thought.  I guess that’s why so many adults drink and go to clubs. It’s the only thing they can think of when they want to have fun — and let me be the first to tell you, drinking and clubbing is NOT fun. I’ve seen what happens in that type of atmosphere. It’s sad really. In this world there’s so much that one can do. There’s so much that one can experience. Why limit yourself because of society and or peer pressure? Free your mind of these perceptions and I promise you the day you do will be the day you thank me for writing this blog.

GachiYellow out

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