More violence, more sex, less quality

As promised I am going to speak about violence and sex in mass media. The main basis of this article will be to point out how violence, sex, vulgar language lowers the overall quality of the media, why media that lacks as much violence, sex, vulgar language are more successful, and to cover some exceptions while giving my opinion as to why those exceptions reached such a level of popularity. For this article sales are the be all end all factor of popularity and successful-ness of any media.

Lets define ultra violent and super sexy media for this article. The main three things I will be concentrating on are nudity, gore, vulgar language. (Those words that are usually censored) Adult themes are excluded and subliminal messages are excluded. Why am I excluding those two things? Adult themes and subliminal messages can be utilized in such a why as to where they exclude violence and sex. Subliminal messages can be misinterpreted or remain unrecognized by viewers. It takes a high level of creativity to implement these type of techniques properly. I don’t think anyone would argue that creativity lowers quality.

First Movies; where should I start? Here are the top five best selling movies of all time: 1. Avatar, 2. Titanic, 3. The Avengers, 4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, 5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The entire list of best selling moves of all time can be found here:
While studying the top five best selling movies what do we find? They are lacking in the “big three’ (nudity, gore, vulgar language) I know what you’re about to say “Wait a minuet GachiYellow. Titanic has nudity in it!” Yes it has a small amount of nudity. Let me emphasize here — it has a small amount. In some cases, like the Titanic 3d release in China, that scene was censored thus furthering my point, nudity, vulgar language and gore hurts the overall successful-ness of a movie. Also if you look at the link I provided you can see that almost all, if not all of those moves are rather tame in terms of the big three. Some of those movies I have not seen or know anything about. That’s why I will be on the safe side and say “almost all.”

Now compare those movies to a horror movie. Has anyone of you ever tried to explain a horror movie to another person in detail? I have. Every single time when I do they always say I make it sound worse than it actually is. Next time someone talks about a movie like Jason do this. Look them dead in the eye and ask them “Do you enjoy watching a person get brutally murdered?” Everyone, and I mean every one will say no. I doubt anyone reading this would enjoy an Islamic beheading which is real, yet some of you reading this very article do watch horror movies which emulate a lot more disturbing acts than that. I realize horror movies are not real, but what I also realize that most people don’t is these movies try to their utmost ability to emulate realism to the highest degree possible. That’s why when I explain a horror movie to someone they usually feel bad about watching them. Honestly I don’t understand why people watch this mess. All horror movies are trash. The amount of “classics” the entire genre has can be counted on one hand. It is a horrible (pun intended)  genre of movies that appeals to the deepest, darkest, most sick and twisted part of the human psyche.

Next Anime: One piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto are among the most successive  manga/anime of all time. One piece actually is the most successful manga of all time.  Once again, what do these manga lack? They lack gore, nudity and vulgar language. People, before you start, don’t tell me how violent Dragon Ball is. It aired on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I don’t want to hear it. Your claims are unfounded. Even the uncensored versions with blood are PG-13. At the very most its teen rated, 17+.  it is not an adult rated show. That does not mean Dragon Ball is a childish show. In general I don’t think anime as a media format is childish as all. I will save that for another blog though.

As far as sex in anime goes, while the adult entertainment industry does very well, Hentai does not. Ecchi anime bombs hard outside of Japan. I think that pretty much sums up everything I have to say about (actual) sex and nudity in anime.

Ah yes, Video games! Mario, Pokemon, Wii — They are the best selling games and systems. Guess what? There is absolutely no gore, nudity or vulgar language in those. Anyone that argues about the genius of Mario is a moron. I don’t think I have to say much more here so lets deal with some more controversial games

Grand Theft Auto: (GTA) There are plenty of games that have sold more than this game. It is very successful though. Make no mistake , I am not saying ultra violent or super sexy media will not sell. I’m saying it usually sells less. While the Grand Theft Auto series has some good games, its clones, games who copy it, are no where near as good in my opinion. Let me say this. Based on who I talked to, many people who play(ed) Grand Theft Auto didn’t play it to go on random killing sprees. They played it to ride around in cars. Anyone who played GTA and says they’ve never road in traffic like in real life is a liar. Every GTA player has done this. Excuse me for a second. Let me make a small mental note here to make a blog concerning crime rates and video games. The release of Grand Theft Auto 3 lowered crime rates. I have empirical evidence proving this.

Call of duty — This game has record breaking sells and is very violent. Let me say this. Call of Duty is tremendously more successful than GTA. GTA is also more violent than Call of Duty, thus furthering my argument that more gore, more sex equals less sells. Now I may have a hard time proving this, but in my opinion CoD (call of duty) is as successful as it is because of two reasons. 1 Online multi-player. Everyone that plays, plays online. I highly, highly doubt people are buying this game for its story. 2. The west has an obsession with realism. The graphics in this game are high. The game developers to to great lengths to make this game appear and feel as real as possible. They also spend a lot of time tweaking the multi-player system. Take those two things away and Call of Duty’s high level of violence will not turn anywhere near the amount of sells.

Exceptions: Here are some forms of media below that break the trend of having lower view count and or sells for whatever reason. I will give my personal opinion as to why that is.

The News — While the news does not have gore, excessive vulgar language, or nudity, due to the extremely high amounts of violent acts, sexual acts and overall negativity the news reports on, I have decided to include it as an exception. Basically I put this here because I know some random poster will come here and say something similar to “The new is one of the most violent forms of media a person can watch because it is real.”

Ok, for those of you who don’t know news channels get better viewership when they report on negative events. That’s why the overall amount of violence and negativity is so prevalent in the news. Now there is a reason for this and it is not because people love violence in my opinion. It’s because when there’s nothing important happening one could argue there is no need to watch the news. Of course more people are going to watch the news when, for example, there’s a category five tornado destroying a city. Why? It happens like this because 1. the viewer wants to find out how said situation might effect him or her or someone they know. 2. It give them something to talk about. It’s no mystery. Which is more interesting, a level 5 tornado, or a random prom being canceled because the school couldn’t reconcile with the PTA? The answer is obvious.

Commercials — Like the news, commercials don’t have gore, nudity or excessive amounts of vulgar language but all commercials are full of one thing. That one thing is sex appeal. There is an old saying. That saying is “sex sells.” Sex does sell but not always in the most raw of formats. What commercials do is camouflage sex with subliminal messages. The majority of kids and some adults do not realize commercials are bombarding their subconsciousness with sexual subliminal messages. Once again, while commercials do have a lot of sex appeal, they do it in such a way that it is not seen. If it is seen they heavily censor or tone the sex down. That’s why commercials are successful.

The Bible — Now this is the closest thing to a true exception. Arguably the most violent book ever to be written in human history all logic is throw out the window when it comes to the Bible. (no pun intended) The Bible is also the best selling book of all time. Here are some facts. Between 15-25% of all Christians have read the Bible from cover to cover. This is fact. Many people do not know how violent it is simply because they have not read it. Also, for the most part, Christians tend to concentrate on the positive messages the Bible portrays. The Bible has many positive messages and is downright brilliant on subjects such as fiance. Furthermore western morality is basically defined by the Bible. Like it or not, even if you  are an atheist, your morality has been affected by it. The Bible has affected the morality of society as a whole.

I did a run down of things that are (the most) successful but how does gore, sex, and vulgar language affect sells? More importantly how do they affect quality. Easy, sell are affected because excessively adding any one of those three things decreases the consumer base of a product. Those things are offensive to many people. The people who are offended will not buy said product. The more people a product offends, the lower the overall potential costumer base is.

“GachiYellow how do those things lower quality of a product?” Gore, vulgar language and sex are almost always, let me emphasize here, are **almost always**, used as a band-aid to cover up for lack of content. Horrible movie? No problem add a sex scene. Some people will watch. Disgraceful gameplay in a video game? It’s all good, just add some gore. Some suckers will buy it. The best works of art usually do not include nudity, sex, gore, or vulgar language. The reason why is because so many people use those things to cover for lack of content.

“GachiYellow what about the Renascence?” In my humble opinion we are just glorifying their porn. We are not aroused by it because we have better ways to depict the human body in detail. I’m sure many will disagree with me here. One thing they cant disagree with is it’s human nature to be aroused by the human body. Those sculptors and some pictures are naked. It’s ignorant to say those works of art are in no way sexual related; end of story.

GachiYellow out

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