Games, games, games, the games I play

I said in previous blogs I play Phantasy Star Online 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. (via GGPO) I don’t know if I have mention that I am also currently playing Star Ocean 2 which is not to be confused with Phantasy Star Online 2. Anywho I am about 10 or so hours into this game. This game is pretty amazing. It has a good story. The combat is in real time. There are plenty of useful skills given to all characters which makes them more viable. The music is good. Its just a really solid game. I remember seeing a review for it a long time ago and its rating was 5/5. Sadly I didn’t get to play the game back then but thankfully I am able to play it now. In RPGs I usually look for one thing and one thing only: power. There are certain circumstances where I do not; those being SRPGs where AOE (area of effect) attacks are more effective and harder MMORPGs where healers are required to advance.

I prefer not to over level my characters. I used to do that but now I prefer speed running though RPGs. I say speed run but if its my first time playing the game I will not skip the cut-scenes. Especially on older RPGs the stories are too good to skip if I never seen them before. For newer RPGs it just depends on how cheesy the story is. If the story is good I will not skip the cut-scenes.

In fighting games its more difficult to explain what I look for. If the game is a doujin fighter like say Guilty Gear I will pick a character that does really well at controlling air space or pick a character that is air born very often or for an extended period of time. If the fighting game is more footsie based like Street Fighter I will pick a vortex type character. For those who don’t know what a vortex character is, it is a character that once that character gets a knockdown, on the enemies wake up, they have to guess the best option to escape the incommoding mixup. If they guess wrong they are combo’d again into another knockdown and the entire process is repeated again. Those are just my personal preferences. I think they are among the best type of play styles to use but I know many would probably disagree with me.

As for the type of games I like, I like a variety of games. Except for a few exceptions I play pretty much everything but First  Person Shooters and Sports games. In general I just don’t like those to genres. I like the people who usually play these types of games even less. I don’t like their mentality about gaming and I don’t like the way they define “Hardcore”. That word used to refer to a person that plays rather unknown but good games or a person that puts a vast amount of hours into gaming in general. Now it means a game that is super violent and ultra sexy. A.K.A. shovel ware in my opinion. Actually I think I may make a blog about how ultra violent and super sexy media lowers the quality of said media. I think it would make for an interesting blog. Anyway I play a lot of games. What a surprise I know. Those are the main three I am playing at the moment and now you guys know a little bit more about what type of player I am.

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