GachiYellow – “No need for lack of Tenchi Muyo!”

Be warned. This post is about to get weird really fast.
You maybe asking yourself “Why is GachiYellow’s favorite anime Tenchi?” Easy, it’s my favorite because it’s only the most epic thing I’ve ever seen in media.

I want to be like Tenchi. Tenchi is like the biggest player of all time. Six women strive for his attention, live in the same house, and they don’t kill him or each other. This man is unbelievable. What ever Tenchi has if I could just get one ounce of it,  every woman that came into my presence would instantly fall head over heals for me. Before your minds fill with negative thoughts of me, get your minds out of the gutter. I’ll have you know I’m pure of heard, mind, and spirit. I would only pick one woman; eventually.

I love Ryoko. I love this character. I don’t think you really understand what I’m saying. I’m not using “love” as a random forgettable phrase. The very fist time I watched Tenchi Muyo and seen Ryoko it felt like my first crush all over again. I’m serious. If it were possible for me to marry this character I would. Every time she is on the screen I get chill bumps. I love her voice. (Both in English and Japanese) I love her personality. I love her theme song. I just love Ryoko.

This is one of the few anime that when I watch it I feel like I am actually there. When Tenchi was on I didn’t move. My eyes were glued. Every time the cicada’s chirped my soul felt soothed. The timing of that sound effect (cicada chirp) was absolutely perfect. When I watched this anime I laughed. When I watched this anime I cried. When I watched this anime I was excited. When I watched this anime it felt like no anime before or after it.

Speaking of Tenchi, Tenchi was actually the very first anime I ever seen. I saw Tenchi the movie when I was a young lad. I didn’t know it was anime. I didn’t know the title. All I knew was it was amazing. I didn’t find out what that movie was until one day I randomly seen the pink haired lady. (Washuu) She was the only one I remembered. Instantly, the moment I saw her I almost screamed “That’s, that movie I seen a long time ago!” On that day, that unforgettable day I discovered my favorite anime. It’s almost like it was fate, no, the will of God for me to see this anime. This anime was made for me. When God made anime I can only imagine him saying “Let there be Tenchi. (And then there was) This anime art for thou GachiYellow.”

Thanks God. I appreciate it.

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