GachiYellow – Who am I

Excluding the previous post I haven’t really talked about my self much. Lets change that. Lets get close and personal. We are all friends here right? Ok, if you didn’t know by now my name is GachiYellow. I am a male. My favorite color is yellow. I like Japanese anime. I like Japanese video games. I like Japanese cars. I like Japanese women. Lets just say I like everything Japanese. That makes it easier. My favorite singer is BoA Kwon. Before anybody says anything, yes, I know BoA is Korean. She makes songs in English,  Korean, Japanese, and I think Chinese as well. I mostly listen to her Japanese songs.

Moving right along, I have been told I am a funny guy. (no pun intended) I don’t like doing more work than I absolutely have to. I am athletic yet I hate sports. I usually do not talk a lot but there are times when I do. Overall I am a very laid back individual in general.

You wonderful people may not know this yet but I am not a normal person. In short, my life is like an anime. Case in point, I wake up every morning to birds chirping. I am happy for no reason. Then instantly I turn on random Japanese music. How random? Card Captor Sakura – Groovy — that’s how random. I’m singing these random songs and getting hype for no reason. I live in the country so the sky is always a clear bright blue. Its just to good.

Thats not all. I have speakers in my car. I know, “but GachiYellow everyone has speakers in their car.” I have more speakers than the normal person does. What do I use these speakers for? Obviously I use them to blast Japanese music. What other use do speakers have? The looks I get are priceless. The cool thing is some people actually like my music. Sometimes people walking down the street will dance. I’m already dancing as well so that makes two fools with no common sense.

One thing I find funny; a lot of my friends did not realize my music was Japanese. How is this possible? My music can be heard at least fifty feet away from my car. If they are inside they have to hear the words. Anyway, it gets even crazier. When people ask me questions I give random answers. “GachiYellow, how old are you?” Me: “Seven hundred, how old do I look?” I interact with a good many people considering I have reclusive tendency’s. Figure out that paradox. I am anti-social so my personality is distorted. In general I just do not know how to talk to people; especially for an extended period of time. No wait, let me rephrase that. I know how to talk to people but I have so little in common with most people that I run out of things to talk about — very, very quickly.


“GachiYellow, have you seen X TV show?”
Me: “I dont watch TV”
“GachiYellow, have you heard X song?”
Me: “I havent listened to any English music in over 10 years.”
“GachiYellow, you don’t know who X Celebrity is?!”
Me: “Never heard of them”
Me: “Yea, what is it?”
“You know what; never mind.”

This is seriously how a good many of my conversations go. The crazy thing is. I thought I knew a lot about video games and anime but when I talk to other people I almost always learn something new. I do get people asking me for anime recommendations sometimes which is cool.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to computers? I think I did forget to mention I am somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to computers. I also like debating over the internet. I really enjoy debating over the internet. Religion, politics, economics, video games, crime statistics,  anime, it don’t matter. If its a decently high level debate I will join the fray.

I probably don’t have to say that I’m no slouch in video games. I’m not a scrub. Just in case someone thought I was — let it be known that I will destroy you in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Get on GGPO (play fighting games for free online) and see if I am lying. This is just a small snippet of my life. Now that you know me better yoroshiku!

GachiYellow out

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9 Responses to GachiYellow – Who am I

  1. It this the first comment on any of your posts? I think it is. Or at least I think so from briefly scanning through your posts. Haha I don’t know. Either way, you seem interesting enough. I’m assuming you’re a student at UGA?


  2. gachiyellow says:

    I never went to UGA. That made you think that?


  3. lol well I would have never come across your page otherwise. Last time I was on wordpress was probably 2011. So I have to ask, do you even live in Georgia?


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