GachiYellow review – Gosick

Hello peoples, this is GachiYellow and I am back with an anime review of Gosick. First off let me say this anime is amazing. The genre of this anime is mystery with some drama added in.  The setting is a fictional place in Europe. It is about a boy named Kazuya Kujo who is called the “Black Reaper” because of his black hair and his knack of finding trouble. During Kuro’s travels he meets a small girl, who has long golden blond hair and looks like a doll, named Victorique de Blois. When he first meets her he mistakes her for a doll as do most people. In fact, since Victorique happens to be very shy, she hides from most people. When she happens to be seen she fools people into thinking she is a doll.

That’s not the only thing unique about Victorique. She also has an amazingly high IQ. She is super intelligent and has a smoking pile like Sherlock homes which she can be seen holding often. Victorique is also very curious and she loves mysteries and sweets. Almost instantly Victorique is drawn to Kujo because of his stigma. With Victorique love for mysteries and unpredictable, sometimes unfortunate, circumstances following Kujo, these two make for an interesting combo. The story follow these two through out the series.

The art style uses very bright and vivid colors yet manages to fit with the overall dark theme of the anime.  The music fits the setting very well. The plots and arcs are well done — and the fillers are well placed to give watchers breathing room from the heavy suspense. From start to finish this anime is really good. I give this my seal of approval. It’s a great anime. If anyone wants or needs something to watch this show will not disappoint. The viewer can also try to solve puzzles/mysteries before they are solved in the show. Key clues are given though out each arc so it is possible to to solve them. Let me say this though. They are not easy to solve. I only solved one.

GachiYellow out

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