GachiYellow Review – Kuroko No Basket

Ok, let me start off by saying something that may seem random until I get into the anime review. I hate most sports. Basketball, hate it, Football, hate it, Baseball, hate it, soccer, I hate it. I hate watching them and while I will play them with my friends they are not anywhere near my number 1 past times outside. Ok, that we have that established on to the review. Kuroko No Basket is an anime about Basket Ball. I know what your thinking. GachiYellow you just said you hate Basket Ball amongst other sports. I do. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought about watching anything related to sports. This anime is so good, however, it defies the laws of GachiYellow. Not only did I watch Kuroko No Basket, not only did I like Kuroko No Basket, I loved ever minuet of it and was always on the edge of my seat! I guess that is the power of anime. It can take something I don’t like watching and make it watchable.

Kuroko No Basket is about a highschooler named Kuroko. In middle school he was on an amazing Basket ball team named the “generation of miracles”. The five players who were starters on that team were legendary. This team was feared by other teams. What I lot of people didn’t know, in the anime, is there was a sixth legendary player. That player is Kuroko. All five of the generation of miracles respect him. Kuroko is small. He has little to no athletic ability. He can not shoot well. What makes him a legend in middle school basket ball you may be asking yourself. Well, I’m not going to tell you. If guys want to find out you will have to watch the anime. I will tell you this. He runs into the generation of miracles all five of which have split up, went to different high schools, meaning all five of them are on different basket ball teams.

This anime has my seal of approval. The story is great. The characters are great. The character development is great. The plot is great. Everything is amazing. The best part is if a person is not a fan of basket ball like myself they can still enjoy this anime to the fullest. I highly recommend it. Go watch this anime now.

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