GachiYellow quest to learn Japanese

As you guys may know, based on the blogs I’ve posted so far,  I’m a big fan of Japanese anime and Japanese music. What you do not know is I’m also learning Japanese. Unfortunately its not a very easy task. I’ve took about four Japanese classes in the past. This helped a LOT. From those classes I learned Katakana, Hiragana, sentence structure and some kanji. The problem is I forget a lot of Kanji once I learn it. Also, speaking to a native Japanese person is an completely different beast from learning Japanese from Japanese to English text books.

In one of my previous blogs I talked about playing a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. As stated before its on the Japanese servers. I can navigate the game (barely) but I understand about 1-5% of what Japanese people say to me. I personally feel playing the game in Japanese is helping me familiarize myself with the language further. I’ve also started to read Japanese manga which I feel is currently helping me learn the most. All in all I may be learning but the process is slow. I want to learn faster but at he same time I don’t want something I want to do to feel like work. Learning Kanji for hours on end is kinda boring so while I will do that if I have to I prefer to look more exciting alternatives.

Therefore my question to you amazing people is what methods can I use, that I’m not already using,  to help me learn. I’m open to all advice. All questions, comments, criticisms will be read and considered. I hope to  hear from you guys soon.

GachiYellow out

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