GachiYellow Review – Orcs must die 2

Hello peoples, this is Gachi Yellow and I am back. This time I will be reviewing Orcs must die 2 for PC. Let me start off by saying this game is good. I really enjoy playing it a lot. Basically Orcs must Die 2 is a real time strategy based multilayer game in which one must use various weapons and traps to prevent massive hords of orcs from entering the rift. (the place being protected by the player) The story is rather simple. Not that I care because I basically ignore this games story, but just in case anyone wanted to know it is. The game is really fun and really high pace. At times there are literally dozens of orcs swarm upon the player. It can get pretty intense. Never fear however, the traps/weapons this game has to offer are epic to say the least.

The player can summon archers amongst other types of things to help in battle. Players can lay tar to slow enemies down. Players can even use a wind belt, which blows enemies away, to knock them into another trap called void. Void instant kills anything that touches it. Its also my personal favorite. The difficulty is not to hard but Its not to easy. It is just right in my opinion. There’s also difficulty levels the player can chose from. It doesn’t matter if the player is a beginner or a master there is something for everyone. There’s a good selection of stages and modes to choose from. One mode to look out for outside of stroy mode is endless mode. The player(s) must slay hords of orc until they meet their demise. There no end to it. The replay value of this game is really high. Have friends? The replay value is even higher. Get a friend, kill some orcs, have a good time. I highly recommend this game. I do not recommend games that I would not play or consider not worth my time. If any of you guys are looking for some fun fast paced action Orcs Must Die 2 is a really good choice.

GachiYellow out

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