Street Fighter X Tekken – Indifferent, hate it, never forget it

As you guys may or may not know Street Fighter x Tekken recently released a patch/new version what ever you like to call it. Its Street Fighter X Tekken 2013. Before I get into the new edition, I just want to say, the previous one sucked so bad. It was horrible. Most people that hated the game had a problem with time outs. I disliked the amount of time outs as well but what I hated the most were the combos. Seemingly almost all tag combos ended in  HP HP HP special attack or HK HK HK special attack. Pretty much the laziest most boring to watch combos conceived in any remotely new fighting game. To me this made the game not only boring to watch but boring to play as well

Now, with that being said, the new edition in the installment has made some leaps and bounds in pretty much every area of gameplay.  No more long block strings using jab only, no more lame predictable combos, (at least from what I’ve seen) and no where near as many time outs. Now, whether the game is good or not I can not say since I have not played the game but it is most certainly the most improved fighting game out right now. That’s probably not saying to much though. The previous game was to horrid. I’ve watched a few high level matches and the game is at least watchable now. That being said, at the moment one thing troubles me. Chun li seems to be a little to strong. The last thing I want to see is one character on almost every persons team. Its still earily so I will reserve judgement but given the last game I’m not very optimistic. Anything can happen though so who knows? Needless to say I got my eye on this game. I want this game to be good. There’s a serious lack of fighting games on PC so it saddens me to see a game that had so much potential fail so hard. I don’t think this game will become a major seller no matter how good it becomes but at the very least Capcom can redeem this game. I see it as a respect type of thing. Anyway that’s all I have to say for this topic for now.

GachiYellow out

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