How i got my handle

If anyone is wondering where i got my name from, well, its your lucky day. I’n going to tell you the source. The name GachiYellow comes from an anime called Mitsudomoe. It s a comedy based on three sisters that go to the same elementary school. Their names are Mitsuba Marui, Futaba Marui, and Hitoha Marui. However, these are not just normal elementary students. These three are the most notorious in their grade. They cause havoc for every teacher that crosses their path

Anyways about my name. The name Gachi Yellow comes from an episode in season two of mitsudomoe which is a parody of Super Sentai (known as power rangers in the United States) In my humble opinion it is one of the funniest episodes in the series. Throughout the show the Gachi Rangers, what they are called as a group, cause more problems than they solve. They even cause more problems than the monsters. There are five Gachi Rangers. (just like in super sentai) There’s Gachi Red, Gachi, Black, Gachi Blue, Gachi Yellow, and Gachi Pink. The commander that leads them all is called the Gachi General. Why did I pick Gachi Yellow out of them all you ask? Because Yellow is my favorite color. Oh, before I forget I should also say, in the west, the yellow ranger is a girl, but in Japan the yellow Ranger is a dude. Not only was this episode very entertaining but the name is so random no one uses it.

Oh, and one more thing. The Gachi General has and EPIC battle in the latter half of the episode. (tries to hold back laughter) Its a must see. Go check it out. In fact watch the entire series of Mitsudomoe. It’s a pretty funny show. Some time in the future I’ll make sure to do a full fledged review for the series.
Sode dewa,

GachiYellow out

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