“【BBCF】 OVERDRIVE 【Mai Natsume Combo Movie】”

Best believe I will be implementing some of these combos into my game play. Mai is an fun character to play with amazing character design. What more could one ask for?

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Winning: Trump ends [a] CIA program funding terrorist.

“President Trump has decided to end the CIA’s covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the government of Bashar al-Assad…

The program was a central plank of a policy begun by the Obama administration in 2013 to put pressure on Assad to step aside” [Blogger comment: Translation; by step aside they mean overthrow the government]


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“Starting in 2022, Social Security will pay out more than it takes in”

“According to the Social Security Board of Trustees, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Trust Funds will be depleted in 2034.

When this happens, only 77 percent of benefits will be payable…

In addition, the Disability Insurance trust fund will be depleted in 2028… Once that fund is depleted, 93 percent of benefits will be paid.”

Starting in 2022, Social Security will pay out more than it takes in

If you’re young don’t expect social security to be around when you retire. It won’t be.

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“Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions”

“President Trump said on Wednesday that he never would have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had he known Mr. Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation that has dogged his presidency, calling the decision “very unfair to the president.””


Jeff Sessions is turning out to be more and more a disappointment as time goes by. I thought he was someone who would equally enforce the law of the land. I seems my assumption was wrong. Hillary Clinton should be in jail by now.

Just like everyone else in government the public must force his hand and make him do the right thing.

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“French Senate backs permanent state of emergency measures amid street protests…”

“The French Senate has greenlit a controversial anti-terrorism bill which would make permanent the measures introduced during a two-year state of emergency. Protesters against the legislation gathered in Paris, saying France is becoming a ‘police state.’…”


Of course there’s a “permanent state of emergency” A.K.A. martial law. How else can the French government soft kill it’s citizens with vaccines? I’m enjoying this. I really am. The N.W.O. and their seed must be removed from the realm of existence. Before this can happen it seems all the dumb asses that support big brother must be “removed” also. I say good job N.W.O. Keep doing your job and murder the stupid people. They’re just as evil as you are. When humanity realizes how truly evil you are you will die.

Keep it up. Race towards your destruction N.W.O. You worship Satan so you know hell is real. Prepare to meet your father. He’s going to take real good care of you for all eternity.

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“Mandatory [suicide] announced by the French Government…”

The French government has just announced that parents will be required to vaccinate their children starting next year, joining a growing list of countries that are putting such measures in place. The policy will make it compulsory to get all of the 11 vaccines that are “universally recommended by health authorities.”…

n recent years, France has seen growing mistrust among the public when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry and public health institutes, and this law aims to turn that around. A 2016 survey found that 41 percent of people in France did not believe that vaccines were safe

This news comes shortly after Italy put a similar decree in place, forcing children to get 10 vaccines before enrolling in schoolThose who fail to get their kids vaccinated prior to starting school when they are six will face fines from the Italian government…”


These evil people lust for your death. They can’t wait to murder you and your family. Keep pushing N.W.O. Kill more. Soft kill only works in stealth. There’s a limit to how long you can lie to people. Once the average person finds out your murdering their family you will be dealt with. I take great pleasure in knowing death awaits you.

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No bees no food: “Pesticides sprayed on food crops are wiping out food pollinators”

“…bees are responsible for every third bite you eat. Honey bees take care of about 80 percent of all pollination, with just one bee colony pollinating upwards of 300 million flowers in a single day. In fact, 70 percent of the world’s most important food crops are totally dependent on pollination by bees. And yet, Greenpeace reports that in the United States, “the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962.

While it is normal for a bee colony to lose between five and 10 percent of its members each winter, in recent years these declines have averaged between 30 and 50 percent; some farmers have reported 90 percent die-offs in a single year…

The Center for Food Safety reports that there is a direct correlation between the use of neonics and the decline in honey bee populations. In fact, states with the most widespread use of neonics, including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, have also experienced the most dramatic declines in honey bee populations…”


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