Alex Jones Show – 12/7/18

“The Private Federal Reserve Openly Declares War On America After Trump Arrests Top Chinese Spy”

Alex Jones talks about The Yellow Vest uprising in Paris. Tensions with the US and China are escalating. A top Chinese official was arrested and China is claiming its an act of war.

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“…CIA’s ILLEGAL… mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices…”

“DISTURBING details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released documents – that officials have been trying to hide for decades.

The new documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part of the top secret – and illegal – mind control project MKUltra…

One document details how the CIA planned to drug “criminals awaiting trial held in a prison hospital ward”…

The records also detail mind control experiments on dogs, cats and mice with a cocktail of drugs and by implanting electronic devices – most likely as a precursor to human experiments…

MKUltra was the code name for a top secret and illegal programme of human experiments which the CIA carried out in the early 50s until it was [SUPPOSE TO BE] official halted in 1973…

“Could that threat be that they are still doing this research to this day? Yes possibly – it makes sense. We know that the United States government does things that go beyond the law that go beyond the norm of what was approved…”

See the bold? No shit Sherlock. In classic fashion the U.S. took a massive grand stand on its fake moral high ground claiming said corruption so horrible — and the government will end [insert problem here].

How many times does this have to happen before people learn. Evil people pretend to be good. All governments are filled with evil people. Historically speaking that and the Church is where they gravitate. Conclusion: DON’T TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT. This is very simple to understand. It’s not that hard.

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Article update

Master Article: Fuel Tax Sparks Riots In Paris [12/8/18]

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[U.S.] “People aren’t paying their credit cards… ‘economic clouds are darkening'”

“Rejection rates for credit-card applicants came in at 20.8% in the October survey, up from 14.4% a year ago, while the rejection rate for credit-limit increases ticked up to 31.7%, compared with 24.9% a year ago.

Meanwhile, the proportion of respondents who had an account shut down by a lender reached its highest level since the Fed launched the “Credit Access Survey” in 2013. In October, 7.2% of surveyed consumers reported having an account involuntarily shut down in the previous 12 months, up from 5.7% last year and 4.2% in 2016.

Most of these account shutdowns are credit cards or retail-store cards…

… Credit-card delinquency rates began to climb sharply toward the end of 2016, a trend that hasn’t reversed in 2018, according to Fed data… “

America has a debt problem. To many people are addicted living beyond their means.

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“Be warned: Older adults who take PPIs have a 44% increased risk of developing dementia”

” Millions of Americans are coping with gastroesophageal reflux disease, and proton pump inhibitors are one of the most popular drugs for treating it. In years past, some 15 million people in the United States were taking a prescription proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to treat their gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The drugs work by reducing the amount of acid produced by the stomach. But the safety of these drugs is now being called into question, as a growing body of research now shows that PPIs can dramatically increase your risk of developing dementia.”

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“Q&A site Quora says data breach may affect 100 million users”

“Quora, a question-and-answer website founded eight years ago, says it suffered a security breach that compromised the data of as many as 100 million users.

The site, which lets its 300 million members and anonymous users ask and answer questions of each other, discovered Friday that “a malicious third party” gained “unauthorized access to one of our systems,” Quora CEO and co-founder Adam D’Angelo said in a post on

Quora is contacting the 100 million users whose data may have been compromised and reset some users’ passwords. The data potentially accessed includes names, email addresses and encrypted passwords, along with questions and answers posted…”

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“Emails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack”

“The House GOP campaign arm suffered a major hack during the 2018 midterm campaigns, exposing thousands of sensitive emails to an outside intruder, according to three senior party officials.

The email accounts of four senior aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee were surveilled for several months, the party officials said. The intrusion was detected in April by an NRCC vendor, who alerted the committee and its cybersecurity contractor. An internal investigation was initiated, and the FBI was alerted to the attack, said the officials, who requested anonymity to discuss the incident.”

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