“VIDEO: [GEORGIA] 4 boxes of ballots counted after poll watchers leave”

“State senators in Georgia on Thursday were handed a hot political potato: a video showing election workers being sent home before supervisors pulled out hidden boxes of ballots from under a table and counted them…”

This is more evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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“Nevada GOP has 20 binders full of voter fraud evidence”

This article is a bunch of tweets so I wont copy and paste it but you see the picture. its self explanatory.

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The truth is starting to leak out. The truth is there was AT LEAST 4 TIMES the deep state tried to OVERTHROW our President. They need to be tried for treason.


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MASSIVE NEWS: Dominion Voting Systems Firm Received $400 Million From Communist Chinese Government Before Election

An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election...

Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night…

“UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report…

View the full document batch here: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5




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POSITION REVEALED & GACHIYELLOW’S THOUGHTS: “Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud”


The link doesn’t matter. It’s just there to prove the headline. The point I want to make here is now we know which side Barr is on. I give him the benefit of the doubt despite his background because people can change — also because if Trump played it smart he could make moves in stealth. In any case Barr is as bad as rotten milk. It’s time to pour him down the drain with the rest of the swamp.

I’ve said this before but there’s no more hiding or pretending about which side you’re on. At this point infiltration tactics are pointless. Evil has to come out in the open. If anyone wants to know who’s “good” and who’s evil all they have to do is watch the cards fall as they may at this point.

As a side note I’ve been thinking maybe I should write a white paper for the government. Since they’re so horrified of the truth they’ll probably need some sort of spin to let it out. If they could let the truth out like a silent fart in the wind they probably would… probably…

Listen for all you people in government trying to “save face”; LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN — What if our country tried to cover slavery up like you people are covering for the deep state now? In general when people look back in history they look at the liberation (of slavery) not the evil deeds beforehand. Just like slavery ended and Americans look back upon this event as an accomplishment the N.W.O. and corrupt elements of the deep state needs to be ended PUBLICLY and Americans will also look back on that event as an accomplishment.

America (the government) loves claiming to be the good guy. This time they could legitimately claim they saved the world.

THERE! I just did all the hard work for you. Nobody would believe this idea came from a random person on the internet who has a tiny blog. Soooo… you (the government) can even cover up where you got the idea from. Now that you have a route that will put America in a good light do your job.

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WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD: “Analysis shows Biden received a statistically impossible percentage of votes from ballot dumps in Georgia”

An in-depth analysis of election night data from Georgia shows that Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s supposed win in that state is actually statistically impossible...

Instead of total ballot counts, the data showed the percentage of total votes each candidate held after the batch was counted. Furthermore, these percentage-based updates were only calculated to one-tenth of a percent, meaning that analysts could not properly capture how many votes went to each candidate in every batch of ballots.

Endeez was able to account for this and showed the minimum and the maximum number of votes Biden and Trump could receive after every percentage update.

With this in mind, Endeez found out that Biden received 45.8 percent of the votes counted. However, the number of votes that the former vice president would need to reach 45.8 percent is 97.9779 percent of the ballots that were counted.

Endeez points out that, statistically speaking, this would be the highest vote allocation Biden would ever receive, even higher than the highest reported allocation in one batch of absentee ballots in Georgia.

“According to official data released by the state of Georgia, the county in which Biden received the highest percentage of total absentee by mail votes was DeKalb County at 86.39 percent,” said Endeez.

“That makes this batch of votes extremely suspect, even if every single allowance is made and assuming it’s 100 percent mail-in [ballots] from the most heavily Democratic county,” he added….”


I might edit this post a little. I just want to get the link posted A.S.A.P.

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WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD: “Internet sleuth reveals over 23,000 Pennsylvania ballots were filled out and returned – even before being mailed out”

“A citizen journalist found that more than 23,000 Pennsylvania mail-in ballots were filled out and returned even before they were sent. Internet sleuth “Greg On The Right” initially posted his findings through three videos on TikTok, but the social media platform took them down. He then posted the videos on his Twitter account, where it subsequently gained traction.

“Greg” explained in his first video that he obtained his information directly from the Pennsylvania government website. The website contained almost 3.1 million entries, which “Greg” exported into a spreadsheet. He was cut off at about 1 million rows, which gave him about a third of the total data set available in the Pa. government website…”


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“Sidney Powell’s massive “Kraken” election fraud lawsuit in Georgia makes dozens of stunning claims … here are the highlights”

“In a massive legal filing in Georgia, Powell makes some 30 claims of vote fraud including: 

— The software that was used by Dominion voting machines in several key battleground states was accessed by operatives in China and Iran “in order to monitor and manipulate elections,” including this year’s contests.

“By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, Dominion neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020,” says the suit. (Related: Bombshell study reveals that mainstream media suppression of eight key issues led to Biden victories in key battleground states.)

— A witness claimed in a sworn affidavit that the software used by Dominion was actually designed for the Venezuelan government for the sole purpose of stealing elections. 

— Voting tallies in the Dominion machines can be altered by inputting a malicious code with just “7 minutes alone with [the voting machine] and a screwdriver,” according to Andrew Appel, Princeton professor of computer science and election security expert.

— Ballots can be spoiled by the machine because the “marking printer is in the same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot box,” according to a University of California-Berkeley study.

— Because the machines are improperly or illegally connected to the internet, they are subject to hacking and manipulation. “There is evidence of remote access and remote troubleshooting, which presents a grave security implication,” affiant Hari Hursti, a Finnish computer programmer and election security expert, testified.

— Hursti also says that the voting machines’ activity logs can be overwritten, meaning hackers can both alter results and then erase their steps.

— Experts who have reviewed Dominion’s own machine operating manuals have said they instruct operators on how to change settings to exclude certain ballots from being counted.

— In one Georgia country, 3,300 votes were discovered on USB flash drives that were never loaded into the central vote tally system.

— According to Williams Briggs, a statistician and former Cornell Medical School professor, an analysis found that between 31,559 and 38,886 absentee ballots were returned by GOP voters but never tallied.

— Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp illegally allowed election officials to open the outer envelopes of absentee ballots three weeks prior to Election Day, though state law “clearly prohibits opening absentee ballots prior to election day,” says the suit. 

— A hand recount of the election ballots by state officials was a scam because there was no meaningful observation allowed. 

— Several observers testified that votes for President Trump were placed during the recount into piles for Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

— Some ballots from trays for Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen as well as “No Vote” trays were placed in the Biden tray, according to one eyewitness.

— Signatures on mail-in ballots were not verified during the recount process, according to one witness. “At no time did I witness any Recounter or individual participant in the recount verifying signatures [on mail-in ballots],” the affiant stated.

— Many batches were for Biden 100 percent.

The suit seeks these remedies, via The Epoch Times:

  1. De-certify the election results
  2. Not transmit the currently certified election results to the Electoral College
  3. Transmit instead certified election results that state that Trump is the winner of the election
  4. Impound all the voting machines and software in Georgia for expert inspection by the plaintiffs
  5. Not count votes received or tabulated by machines that weren’t certified as required by federal and state law
  6. Produce 36 hours of security camera footage of all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton County…”


A lot of stuff in this article is important so I didn’t snip much of this article.

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“Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe”

“President Donald Trump pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday, ending a yearslong prosecution in the Russia investigation that saw Flynn twice plead guilty to lying to the FBI and then reverse himself before the Justice Department stepped in to dismiss his case.

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon,” Trump tweeted. “Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!”…”


About time. This is way past due.

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