“MBAACC 1.07 Seifuku Akiha Combo Video”

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“12th Straight Month of Record Gun Sales”

“This April saw the most gun-related background checks of any April on record, making it the 12th month in a row to achieve a high water mark for gun sales.

The FBI ran 2,145,865 checks through the National Instant Background Check System last month, according to the agency’s records.”


Buy a gun. Be ready. Protect your friend and family when the time comes.

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“Woman reports finding semen in KFC sandwiches…”

“MAY 3–A woman last week contacted Florida cops to report that she believed a pair of chicken sandwiches purchased at KFC “contained semen,” according to a police report.

The unidentified customer went to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and told officials there that she bought the sandwiches from a Bradenton restaurant.”


Don’t eat fast food garbage people. Semen wont kill you but the plastic in McDonald’s chicken nuggets will.

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“Michael Savage: Obama will sabotage economy on way out”

“If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination and defeats likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November, President Obama will sabotage the economy in his final months in office, predicts talk-radio host Michael Savage.

“If Trump wins – and I think he will – there will be an economic crash,” Savage told listeners of his nationally syndicated show, “The Savage Nation,” Monday.”


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“NFL Warns Players Not To Eat Meat From Mexico…”

“The National Football League is warning its players from eating too much meat in China and Mexico because it could cause a failed drug test.”

NFL Warns Players Eating Too Much Meat In Mexico, China Could Lead To Failed Drug Test

There’s drugs in the food apparently. If it’s not safe for NFL players to eat it, why is “safe” for us to eat it?

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“Indiana Voting-Fraud Activist Behind Rubio ‘Sex Party’ Leaks Found Dead”

“Voting-fraud activist Gary Welsh, who tipped off Infowars’ Wayne Madsen on Marco Rubio’s foam sex parties, was found dead leading up to the Indiana primary.

Police found Welsh’s body in an apartment complex stairwell in Indianapolis, Ind., on May 1 and quickly ruled it a “suicide.”http://www.prisonplanet.com/indiana-voting-fraud-activist-behind-rubio-sex-party-leaks-found-dead.html

Suicide, yea right. Is the NWO really this stupid? You can NOT threaten individuals with death when your goal is to kill everyone. Furthermore you cant hide the truth forever. It will come out. At this point maybe I shouldn’t say much when I post news articles. There’s no point in a smart person talking to morons. I don’t want to give you people hints anyway. Just know you messed up big time and there’s nothing you can to do fix it.

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“1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed in U.S. are unnecessary, major study finds”

“The finding, which has implications for antibiotics’ diminished efficacy, translates to about 47 million unnecessary prescriptions given out each year across the country to children and adults.

An accompanying editorial in JAMA noted that the numbers provided in the report likely are an undercount because they don’t include the times antibiotics are given when patients talk to doctors’ offices over the telephone, or when patients seek medical care at urgent care clinics, retail pharmacies and dentists’ offices.


Unnecessary huh? This is just more proof doctors are not there to heal you. They’re there to steal your money. The rules and regulations of the medical industry need to be abolished and replaced with better ones. If the system is changed the doctors will automatically follow suit.

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