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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tips & Tricks [Update: 8/14/18 – New Tech!]

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“China launches high-tech bird drones to [SPY ON] citizens”

“Although the bird drones will likely be deployed in restive provinces like Xinjiang, any Chinese person should assume that their behavior could be under surveillance and their behavior recorded, no matter where they go outdoors,” he said. “China’s use of bird drones will extend the government’s surveillance to a frightening new level.”

China also employs facial recognition, artificial intelligence, smart glasses and other technologies to monitor its 1.4 billion citizens with the aim of one day giving each of them a personal score based on how they behave.

[Blogger comment: Which without they’ll be unable to either buy or sell. Its called “Mark of the Beast.” Source: The Holy Bible; Book of Revelation.]

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“Poll Shows More Democrats Support Socialism Than Ever Before”

“We’ve long been warning you of the left getting leftier in recent years. Well, now we’ve got some stats to prove it. Gallup did a poll wherein they asked Democrats if they support turning America into a totalitarian sh*thole socialism. A majority said “yep.”…”

What can be said? These people have a death wish. The only problem is they want to take us with them. The fruits of socialism is death. It is the only thing it bears.

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“Ad Platform Caves to Mob Outrage, Bans Infowars”

“Advertising platform Criteo has caved to mob outrage and banned Infowars in yet another example of Big Tech censorship.

A Criteo senior manager said Infowars was, “in violation of our advertising guidelines,” yet gave no specifics whatsoever on precisely what terms of service we had violated…”

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Twitter banned Gavin McInnes after he DENOUNCED the “alt right”

“As we’ve been reporting now for months, social media giants Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter – with Instagram, Spotify, and Apple beginning to join in – have all been silencing, shadow banning or censoring outright conservative, pro-POTUS Donald Trump voices because they can’t compete with us on a level playing field…

A slew of Left-wing hack [FAKE NEWS]  media sites like The Hill, Variety, and Mashable all ran headlines linking the three – McInnes, the Twitter ban, and the “Unite The Right” rally – despite the fact that McInnes specifically denounced it…”

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“E-cigarettes are MORE harmful than first feared, experts warn”

“Researchers found e-cigs boosts the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body. And the vapour kills protective cells in the lung that keep the air spaces clear of harmful bugs. These cells should engulf and remove dust particles, bacteria, and allergens…

Exposure to the vapour increased cell death and the production of inflammatory chemicals. And the ability of cells to engulf bacteria was significantly impaired in those exposed to vapour…”

See the bold? THAT MEANS YOUR LUNGS WILL COLLAPSE! If all your lung cells die you die.

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Breakthrough: “Ageing process REVERSED in human cells for first time”

“SCIENTISTS have successfully reversed the process of ageing in cells for the first time in a move which could help beat the likes of Alzheimer’s and dementia…

Lorna Harries, Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics and Matt Whiteman, Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, both at University of Exeter, write for the Conversation: “In our new work, we showed that by treating old cells with a chemical that releases small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, we were able to increase levels of some splicing factors, and to rejuvenate old human cells…”

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