The Problem with Dragonball Super. No suspense.

Dragonball has come a long ways. It’s come so far I think along the way the creators forgot what makes an amazing anime. While Dragonball super is ok to watch, it completely pales in comparison to its predecessor. I’m going to explain why that is.

Suspense is key. What am I getting at? Just saying or implying a character is as strong as a god *cough* Super Saiyian Blue *cough* is boring. I’m going to give all Japanese animators a major tip. In Shonen anime don’t focus so much on how powerful a character is in theory. Focus on displaying that power via the animation.

What do I mean? Lets look at these two clips of the Dragonball series.  While watching these videos forget about the stories’ lore or how strong the character is. First lets compare a DBZ clip to a DBS clip.

Remember forget about power levels. The point I’m trying to make is displaying power though the animation. Now watch the video below.

Without reference which seems more powerful to you? First of all golden yellow seems more near divinity than super nova blue. Second, in the first video Goku’s transformation effects the entire atmosphere. To the viewer this appears to be a lot more powerful than the other transformation. The fight scenes are basically the same way. The animation in DBZ is in such a way every hit appears to have more impact.

Now lets look at the two videos in context. In the first video Goku’s best friend was murdered and the villain nearly commuted genocide on an entire race of humanoids. (Namiks) The characters facial expressions look scared.

The only person to show fear in Dragonball Super was Trunks. That’s why that was a better arc out of the series. Another major problem with suspense in Dragonball Super is the dragonballs themselves. Someone dies? Who cares, use the dragonballs. Planet blow up? Dragonballs. There’s an even bigger problem? Now we have the Super dragonballs. If that doesn’t work we’ll get god almighty (in the anime) to destroy the evil creature. That’s not a joke. This this type of thing makes the anime very dull.

Dragonball is a good series and I would hate to have my final memories of it being a washed up has been. I hope this problem can be fixed in the near future.

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High Level PSO2 Tactics: UN-KILL-ABLE BUILD (Basically), Back to Back Photon Blast Build Plus More. [Update: 9/24/17]

Before I start let me say if SEGA nerfs any of these builds I will be extremely unhappy to say the least. They’ve already destroyed the Techer / Ranger build I liked so much.

First, the Un-kill-able Build:

Even with crap damage and gear you it will still be extremely hard to die.

Class Type: Hunter / Fighter

What you need: Actually this is a very easy class to build. You don’t need much at all.


The hunter skill tree is the most important for this build. I have 3 pictures to show all my skills. For fighter subclass you can use a DPS build. These pictures are self explanatory so I wont say much.




These are the skills I have linked on my item bar. As you can see its not much. You don’t need it.


You only need 1 weapon. (2 if you want to counter weaknesses.) That weapon must be a 50% chainsawed with a level 3 Special ability. This you can not skip as this sword has a 6% healing factor. Trust me, for the numbers Hunter / Fighter put out, this is a good percentage.

The PA slots are as follows. The first slot is normal attack. It’s only used if you run out of PP. The second slot is your main PA to kill EVERYTHING. This is your go to skill. The third slot is guard. The 4th slot is damage boost. The fifth slot is used to travel quickly around the map. The six slot is used for style.

This is a 3 step process to god mode basically.


Alternate Guard – Some of you may have realized the slow startup on Hunter’s block function for great sword. Depending on the timing of attacks it may be impossible to ‘just guard’ successive attacks due to this startup. [As a side note Katana has no such flaw] Well I get around this flaw with what I call ‘alternate guarding.’ There may be another word for it but I figured this out independently.

To Alternate Guard you must have Hunter as main or sub class and have points in the charge parrying skill. To preform this action: “just guard”, charge PA, repeat. You can alternate Guard as long as you have PP. This works because guarding cancels the PA if it’s still charging.


Due to my skill tree build I gain health if hit when charging any sword attack. This picture above is step 1 to high level Alternate Guard.


This is the most effective skill to use for this build. It has the best AOE damage so you can kill everything at once. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST ATTEMPTING TO REPLACE THIS SKILL. With Gear this PA has super armor so you can not be knocked back. Trust me, you will always want to be close to the enemy no matter what it is. If you get hit during this attack the sword damage will immediately refill your health.

This picture above is step 2 to high level Alternate Guard.


At the end of the attack, cancel it with guard. Once again, due to the build you will regain health if the enemy hits you while just guarding. Also hunter’s skill [Iron will] will prevent 1 hit KO’s. It’s a good backup but there won’t be many chances for it to kick in since hunter has so much health.

This picture above is step 3 to high level Alternate Guard. after this step is completed repeat steps 1 through 3 again. This is the closest thing to God mode I can find in this game.

Now, you can die with this build but it is EXTREMELY hard. You can solo level 80 missions with crappy gear if you want. It will just take a while.

Next how to use Multiple Photon Blast nearly back to back. [Also PP is not an issue!]

Class Type: Ranger / Techer or Ranger / Gunner

What you need: This one is a little more complex It requires more certain types of gear.

First of all there are multiple ways to play this class so it is very fun to use. Do note this is not a max DPS build. This is more of a fun build to use when you’re bored and playing with friends. The skill tree below isn’t maximized but the most important skills are KILLING BONUS, AND WEAK HIT BLAST BONUS. This allows for maximum PP and PB regain. The rest of the skill tree you can tweak.


Techer Sub class:
The 2 most important skills are PP convert and PP restoration. For maximum PP. The rest you can tweak.

Gunner Sub Class:
The most important skill is Attack PP Restoration. The rest of the skill tree you can tweak.

Now lets look at the gear you will need.


This Gunblade above is one of the best weapons to use to regain PP. Do note it must be upgrade to level 3.


This is the rocket Launcher you MUST use. Level 3 special skill gives a 50% bonus to photon blast meter gain.


The two rings I recommend is Perfect keeper (plus 20 if possible) and Quick blast. (level 1. The Japanese have preformed test showing higher grind levels are a waste of time)

Quick blast allows you to reduce the amount of frames required for the photon blast animation. This is really good. Since you will be using photon blast a lot you want a very quick animation for it.  Perfect Keeper is just a damage boost if you have full health. I couldn’t think of anything else to put in that slot.

That’s all the gear you need. Now for some fun stuff. First off: INFINITE FLIGHT. If you so wish you can float at the top of the screen for the entire mission.


Step 1: First find the highest ledge possible.


No one can see my character panties but me! Joking aside jump and use this PA to travel through the air. This is step 2 above.


Step 3. When you see enemies below shoot down (Normal attack with just attack only) from the heavens. This technique will suspend you in air. You will not touch the ground or fall any lower from your initial position if preformed correctly.

Once the enemies are dead repeat step 2 then step 3 over and over again. Once you become good at this you can mix in Photon arts for extra damage instead of using only normal attacks.  Also if you by chance run out of PP keep spamming normal attacks with launcher in the same position until you regain enough PP to travel through the air again.

What is the point of doing this. Since you’re at the top of the screen, even if you aggro monsters it will not matter. They are unable to attack you. Plus there’s nothing cooler than flying at the top of the screen for the entire duration of the stage. It’s just too good.

Now for the “new” play style I was talking about in a previous blog post.

This character is now Ra/Gu. [Ranger / Gunner] I’m cooking up a new play style with her. It focuses around the rocker launcher. I’ll blog in detail later about how I use this class but the basic premise is

***Recover PP extremely fast — use  Sphere Eraser PA. This is the bread and butter of the play style I’m forming. Yes, I get PP back that quickly. Large mobs and bosses melt like butter.

***Use Divine Launcher [Type zero PA] during PSE burst to fill photon blast extremely quickly.

***Use Rodeo Drive [Type zero PA] for quick movement

Back to Back Photon Blast [PSE burst only]

While you still recover PB gauge extremely quickly outside of PSE Burst the amount recovered during burst is insane. I’m talking 30 plus photon blasts in under 5 minuets. It’s ridiculous how much PB meter gain you acquire. I already told you what gear to use and what skills to put points into. Now time for the easy part.

***Use Divine Launcher [Type zero PA] during PSE burst to fill photon blast extremely quickly.

Once the PB is filled use it as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat. Oh yea, for maximum PB meter gain make sure to [attempt to] hit the monsters weak points. This will fill the PB gauge even more quickly. One last thing. If you’re not using the Gravity photon blast then switch to it. So far I found it to work the best for this build.

GachiYellow Out

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Major PR mistake from Donald Trump: “…First MLB player to kneel for anthem”

“A’s rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell… became the first major-league player to kneel during the national anthem on Saturday before Oakland’s 1-0 win at the Coliseum…”

This is a unwinnable battle because Americans died for the rights we have. If someone wants to kneel during the anthem they can. If they want to burn the flag they can. If they want to bemoan this country they can. I’m not an enemy of the President but even I would kneel if powerful persons were pressuring me not to.

I’m going to tell Donald Trump and his administration how to get out of this. This situation isn’t horrible yet. This has the potential to be a good PR stunt if Trump does NOT fan the flames. He should say something similar to “I think kneeling is disrespectful and they shouldn’t do it.” and let the story die.

Listen Trump they are about to claim you’re not only racist but Un-American. Baseball was chosen for a reason and this man’s father is a soldier. This is a high level trap but Trump doesn’t have to fall into it.

If you continue to bash these morons for kneeling they’ll have the moral high ground. I don’t blame you for falling for this trap. Most older people have a higher regard for American symbols. You have more important things to do. Don’t waste your time on sports. They deserve no attention.

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PSO2: [New class] Hero Photon Arts ヒーローのPA

Everyone should know by now but just in case some of you took a break from PSO2 there’s a new class. It’s the “Hero” class and it uses swords, twin machine guns, and talis — most people use swords just so you know. This class is fundamentally different from other classes as it lacks the ability to equip subclasses.

I don’t know how broken it is in comparison to other classes because I haven’t seen many time attack runs with it yet. Maybe I’ll update this blog post again after I see some good ones.

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“Uber Banned in London After Sexual Assaults by Migrant Drivers Skyrocket”

Uber has been banned in London partly in response to skyrocketing rapes by predominantly migrant drivers which the company did not report to police.

According to Transport for London, Uber’s license will not be renewed beyond September 30, with the first reason listed being the company’s “approach to reporting serious criminal offenses.””

Isn’t open borders great? Enjoy that mass rape England. This is what happens when corrupt governments get rid of borders.

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“Governments will close down bitcoin and cryptocurrencies if they get too big, warns Jamie Dimon”

“PMorgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon… warning that governments will shut them down if they grow too large…  Dimon warned that governments will eventually crack down on cryptocurrencies and will attempt to control it by threatening anyone who buys or sells bitcoin with imprisonment, which would force digital currencies into becoming a black market

Dimon also criticized bitcoin for not being a fiat currency formed by a government and backed by a central bank…”

Notice how everything the government can’t control it wants to make illegal. The truth is exposed in the bold. Bankers hate it because cryptocurrencies are not controlled by central banks.

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