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Master Article: Coronavirus Full Breakdown [2/26/20]

30 plus articles added. The spread of the virus is worldwide and has broken containment.

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Europe Open Borders: Greek islanders Rage Illegal Alien Camp Is Constructed

“The Greek islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos staged a general strike Wednesday, as protests against the construction of new migrant camps intensified. For a second day, protesters on Lesbos faced off against riot police near the town of Mantamados, close to the site of a planned camp for up to 7,000 people.

Small groups of protesters threw stones and firebombs at the police, who responded with tear gas and flash grenades. “You’re going to die here,” a protester shouted as police, as others screamed obscenities at them…”

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“…Largest oil refinery on US West Coast erupts in flames”

“Fire crews have been scrambled to contain a massive blaze at the Marathon Petroleum refinery in Carson, California. Flames lashed the sky, reaching at least 100 feet in the air.

There was reportedly an explosion at the refinery’s cooling tower before the fire broke out roughly 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Eyewitness footage from the scene shows the extent of the fire as it ripped through parts of the facility in the early morning hours of Wednesday…”

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“Assange lawyer… claim US mulled ‘kidnapping and poisoning’…”

“The US government plotted to kidnap or kill Julian Assange while he was holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a UK court was told yesterday during the WikiLeaks publisher’s extradition hearing. What do we know so far?

Assange’s lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told Judge Vanessa Baraitser that the US wanted to make the WikiLeaks founder’s death look like an accident and that US intelligence agencies worked with Spanish company UC Global to extensively spy on Assange inside the embassy…”

There’s absolutely no way this man will live. Get used to it. Let this be an example of any whistle blower who withholds information. Release EVERYTHING. covering up for corrupt governments makes you just as guilty as they are. My position has now changed. Assange deserves to die. He’s stupid enough to work with enemies of all humanity. He’s a hindrance to the forces of good.

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“Assange detention illegal under English, European and international law, defense argues”

“Day three of the Julian Assange extradition hearing is focusing on whether the allegations against Assange amount to “political offenses.” If so, it would likely be outside of the judge’s jurisdiction to approve extradition.

Kicking off proceedings at Woolwich Crown Court on Wednesday, defense counsel Edward Fitzgerald argued that 17 of the 18 counts with which the WikiLeaks founder has been charged fall under the US Espionage Act, which makes them political on face value. He added that the 18th count, of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, was in order to carry out the other alleged offenses.  

Discussing the policy of not extraditing for political offenses, Assange’s lawyer said: “It is an essential fundamental protection, which the US puts in every single one of its extradition treaties.”…”

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“…UK… destroying reports… [of] suicide after welfare benefits stopped”

“The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has admitted shredding reports on around 50 people who killed themselves following social security payments being withdrawn, promoting accusations of a “cover-up.”

Officials at the DWP claim they shredded reports into suicides linked to benefit payments — made before 2015 — being stopped, citing data protection laws.

However the data watchdog has rubbished the claims, insisting that there was no legal requirement to destroy the documents by a specific date. They added that a “public interest” exemption could have been used…”

It’s the governments fault for making them dependent on welfare in the first place.

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Govt Approved Death: “Japanese… to dump radioactive water From Fukushima in Ocean

“In December 2019, a government-appointed panel proposed that the best way to dispose of the radioactive water stored in Japan’s disabled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is to release it into the Pacific Ocean

However, the Japanese fishing industry was strongly against the decision since releasing the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean will affect fisheries within the area…”

I guess the only way for evil people to learn is for them to be affected. The world is already entering a potential food shortage. Japan lets see how much of that water these corrupt power plants dump when there’s no fish to eat. Don’t be stupid. They’ll still do it though. Evil people always have to learn the hard way.

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