“Working to prevent tension with a treaty ally, Vice President Joe Biden reassured Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday that the U.S. limits its surveillance of friendly nations, after leaked documents showed U.S. spying on Japanese officials and companies.”


Of course the U.S. spies on Japan. This country spies on everyone.

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Article Update

[Abortion] Planned Parenthood Master Article [8/5/15]

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“Obama Just Declared War [ILLEGALLY] on Syria”


What can I say? If we don’t stop the evil people in our government they’ll cause WWIII. Oh well at least there is some silver lining — If WWIII does occur all the useful idiots and the NWO will be destroyed. The bad news is there’ll probably be no one left. 

Fuck it. There is no justice in this world if the NWO isn’t destroyed. As long as they die it doesn’t matter to me what happens. Let WWIII come. I’ll welcome it with open arms if it means we get to get rid of these pieces of garbage.

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” Three North Carolina men fearing a government takeover and martial law stockpiled weapons, ammunition and tactical gear while attempting to rig home-made explosives, according to charges announced by the Justice Department on Monday.”


The title says it all. You prep you go to jail. Notice how no crime was committed. This shows the true intend of this evil, corrupt government. The second amendment not only applies to guns. It applies to all weapons. That includes explosives. This is no up for debate. Private citizens used to own cannons. If it’s a weapon Americans have a right to own it.

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“Huntington Park Appoints 2 Undocumented Immigrants To City Commissions”

“Councilman Jhonny Pineda announced at Monday night’s city council meeting that he’s appointing two undocumented immigrants as commissioners, CBS2/KCAL9’s Kara Finnstrom reports.”


These evil people will not stop until you force them to stop. I’m not going to repeat myself this time. If Americans are stupid enough to let an outside group come in illegally to be used as a voting block to take their freedom then so be it.  You get what you deserve.

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“Louisiana Cuts Off Planned Parenthood Funding”

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has cut off state taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood in the wake of shocking videos showing the organization harvesting baby organs for profit.”


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Proof corrupt elite wish to murder U.S.Military personnel: ” NAVY TO PROSECUTE CHATTANOOGA HERO”

According to former congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, the U.S. Navy has decided to bring charges against the naval officer who fired his personal weapon at Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez during the ISIS supporter’s July 16 attack on the Chattanooga U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center.


Do you understand now Military? The only reward you’ll get for serving evil is death. Your guide is the constitution of the United States not evil people in power. Only in a evil country is saving lives a crime.

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