“Ebola: Sierra Leone… 31 new cases…”

“Efforts to beat Ebola in Sierra Leone have been dealt a setback after 31 new cases were recorded in one village.”


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“Egyptian court declares Hamas a ‘terrorist organization'”

“CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court declared Hamas a “terrorist organization” on Saturday, further isolating the rulers of the Gaza Strip who once found a warm welcome under the country’s past Islamist government.”


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Arizona internet blackout is a planned attack NOT caused by vandals

“Nearly two decades ago, I was a Maricopa County Volunteer First Responder. I did so until DHS took control of the operation in 2002. As such, I received specialized training related to various forms of terrorist attacks and the likely response protocols to each attack. Subsequently, I developed many friendships and contacts in this business. Yesterday, I contacted a dozen of these people and I heard back from four… All five of us are unanimous in that this was not the work of vandals…”


This guy concludes “Russian Spetsnaz” were involved which I believe is utter B.S. Of course the main suspect can’t be America which just engage in an omega power grab to take over the internet with the FCC. [/end sarcasm]


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“The images above and below videos were sent this morning to All News Pipeline and show heavy duty military equipment that has been shipped in to the Georgia Port Authority in preparation of being put onto massive trucks and railroad trains to be shipped throughout the country as the ‘war on terror’ turns inward upon Christians, Constitution-supporting Americans, 2nd Amendment supporters and US patriots.


Combine this with the fact that Obama is banning bullets. We all are in grave danger.

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FCC internet regulations — play by play. [Update – 2/27/15]

This seems like its going to be a huge ongoing story like Ferguson was — so I’ve decided to put it all into one article to avoid cluttering my blog.

“Cuban: FCC Net Regs Will Spill Over: ‘TV As You Know It is Over’

Cuban began by predicting “the courts will rule the Internet for the next however many years.” He then explained, “let’s just take it all the way through its logical conclusion. All bits are bits, all bits are equal. If all bits are equal, then let’s look at what a stream bit is an example. So when Henry and I do an interview, and it’s streamed live on the Internet, there’s a camera, it goes through an encoder, it sends it out via server or some manner to the Internet, you click on Business Insider and you watch the stream, right? Now, let’s look at CNBC on Comcast. There’s cameras right in front of you, they go through a switcher, they go through an encoder, it’s put through a server, it goes to Comcast, and it’s streamed in a managed service environment to television. It’s the exact same thing. And if it’s the exact same thing technologically and all bits are equal, then why shouldn’t CNBC and all TV networks that are delivered on cable, and Telco, and fiber like Verizon, why shouldn’t they be part of the open Internet as well? And if they are and all bits are equal, now, let’s take it one step further. It’s the purview of the FCC now. The FCC, right? So, the FCC now has to apply their same standards to content, don’t they, that they do to television content because that’s where it is and there’s going to be certain citizens who think ‘well now, since all content is delivered over the Internet because all bits are bits, and it’s a fair, and open, and equal Internet — decency standards.’ And remember the FCC is the same agency that fought Nipplegate for eight years over a wardrobe malfunction.””


Translation for that last sentence — NO PORN OR CUSSING JUST LIKE TV. I don’t know why people in important positions speak in code. It’s so stupid!


“Google scraps plan to block porn on Blogger

Google Inc has abandoned its plan to ban adult content on its blogging site Blogger after receiving negative feedback from users.”


I’m telling you, it’s like I’m psychic! I have these people number.  The FCC and Google may be seceretly working together. [/end update]

More taxes for the interent

“”Read my lips. More Internet taxes are coming. It’s just a matter of when,” Commissioner Pai said.”


“”VERIZON Mocks ‘1930’s Rules’ With Statement — In Morse Code…”
“Verizon said in a statement — which was originally released in Morse code — that the FCC’s move imposes 1930s rules on the Internet.”


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Treasury STOLE $3 billion for Obamacare!

“The U.S. Treasury Department has rebuffed a request by House Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R- Wis., to explain $3 billion in payments that were made to health insurers even though Congress never authorized the spending through annual appropriations.”


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“Obama to ban [top-selling AR-15 rifle] bullets by executive action…”

“As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.”


Guns are useless without bullets. Without either or this country will witness true tyranny first hand.

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