“Anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills proven to kill thousands of American each year”

” People who take prescription drugs for anxiety or to induce sleep are significantly more prone to early death than others, suggests a new study recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).”


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“Drought now affecting two-thirds of Texas”

“The State of Texas is growing thirstier with each and every passing day, as drought conditions continue to dry up the land. According to a new drought report from the Texas Water Development Board, the Lone Star State is now experiencing “worse” drought conditions in over two-thirds of the Texas territory. Emergency preparations are already being considered, including ocean water desalination efforts.”


THERE’S A DROUGHT YET 38 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER WAS WASTED! [To read article click link, in bold, below]


Our country is being destroyed people. This isn’t a joke. Without water we die!

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“Mass Civil Disobedience in New York Against ‘Safe Act’ [Gun restriction law]

“The state of New York is refusing to say how many gun owners complied with a mandate to register their assault weapons under the Safe Act while a Sheriff says he will not enforce the measure, suggesting that just like a similar law in Connecticut, the gun control effort has been a total failure as Americans engage in mass civil disobedience against curbs on the Second Amendment.”


Oh my goodness! The police did something good for a change! Good job! Police if you guys want to continue to live in a free society, keep nullifying these unjust and unconstitutional laws.


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“Electricity Price Surged to All-Time Record for March”

“he BLS’s seasonally adjusted electricity price index rose to 209.341 this March, the highest it has ever been, up 10.537 points—or 5.3 percent–from 198.804 in March 2013.”




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“Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff said 38 million gallons will be discarded because a 19-year-old was caught in the act [peeing in the water] on Wednesday.”


Let me get this straight… 38 million gallons of water has to be disposed of because one kid peed in it? This country is so evil. For anyone thinking “GachiYellow, why you say that?” if there’s a water shortage everyone’s going to figure out really quickly that fresh water is the most valuable resource on the planet. Artificial scarcity is evil. Its only use is to control people.


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“Clashes at mass eviction in Rome as crisis bites”

“Riot police dragged away some 350 squatter families from abandoned offices in Rome amid violent clashes on Wednesday — the latest in a rising tide of forced evictions in Italy fuelled by the economic crisis….

The number of evictions in the capital is on the rise as families struggle to pay rent amid record-high unemployment.

The council carried out 3,346 evictions in the first six months of 2013 — a 10-percent increase from the first six months of 2012, according to the latest data…

The government last month launched a new housing plan that promised to double rent subsidies for low earners to 200 million euros ($280 million) for 2014 and 2015, but it also cracked down on squatters’ rights.” [Blogger comment: "crack down", they mean "TAKE"]


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“Japan population drops for third year straight; 25% are elderly”

“Japan’s population has shrunk for the third year running, with the elderly making up a quarter of the total for the first time, government data showed Tuesday.”


I need a plane ticket and citizenship so I can go help increase the Japanese population!

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