For the second time in just months, a major study is ringing alarm bells not just about the connection between abortion and birth-control pills and breast cancer, one of the biggest killers of women in the U.S., but over the fact patients are not being adequately warned about the dangers they face in making those “choices.”
Of course they’re not going to tell you it gives you cancer.  If they told you that, then you may not murder your baby!
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Warning! Next Possible False Flag!

For those of you who don’t know by now Obama is a puppet. The elite appears to be trying to incite public anger to the point where a “lone wolf” will assassinate Obama thus completing their self fulfilling prophecy of “lone wolf terrorism.”

The elite aren’t stupid. They are evil. There’s a difference and they know about online rumors  of people proclaiming they’ll kill Obama if he grants illegal aliens amnesty. It’s obvious a select few want civil war in this country. If Obama follows through with an amnesty plan just know that it IS a false flag attempt. How do I know this? Apparently either most Americans don’t have common sense or any detective skills or my intelligence level is to the point where it is near God like.

I’m telling people this so we can be ahead of the game and shut this false flag attempt down before it happens. People like Obama, the Clintons, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ben Bernanke, and Henry Kissinger all need to be TRIED AND EXECUTED. They need to die but it must occur in a lawful manner. At this point and time I see this is the most beneficial way to restore order to the system.

Obama May Cut Deportations

The White House is considering two central requirements in deciding which of the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants would gain protections through an expected executive action”

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“Video: Cop Goes Nuts When Told “God Bless You””

Normally I would get mad when I see this. Guess what police, that’s exactly why you will die of Ebola. God I love karma. Oh and don’t worry, if this outbreak dont get you, your pension funds have already been stolen and the NWO is going to kill you anyway. Have a nice day!

I some advice for all citizens. PACK HEAT EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Take this advice and you’ll thank me later.

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It’s against the law to dance in Utah!

Keddington says that the city’s and cops’ actions cost his company a total of $15,000 stemming from people failing to show up after learning that dancing would not be permitted.

“It’s not OK to tell people they can’t dance,” Keddington said. “It’s not OK to tell people they have to get a permit to dance.”

Don’t dance in public in Utah! It will be viewed as “inciting a riot”.  Freedom of expression? What is that?

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La Raza explains to illegal aliens which states they can vote in

“The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.”

La Raza is bad but that’s not what I’m pointing out here. I’m pointing out states allow illegal aliens to vote! IT IS A CRIME.

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“Wonders Of Japanese Women”

While at work I was fantasizing about Japan (as  usual) when this conversation randomly developed. Me and this other Black dude, who I shall name “Toys R Us Kid” because he looks 14 not 24, where working when he said:

Toys R Us Kid: This is you and [female co-workers' name] song. [Note: music was playing in background]
GachiYellow: No, this is me and [name of Japanese AV model] song.
Toys R Us Kid:  Who is that?
GachiYellow:  It’s someone I need to know and someone you don’t need to know.
Toys R Us Kid:  Who is that? I’m going to Google it.
GachiYellow: You can’t Google it because you don’t know how to spell it, haha.
Toys R Us Kid:  Say that name again.
GachiYellow: No.
Toys R Us Kid: Tell me who it is.
GachiYellow: I can’t have you discovering the wonders of Japanese women. I don’t like competition. There might be a problem if you start liking them as well.
Toys R Us Kid:  Hahahaha, what did you say? The wonders of Japanese women?
GachiYellow: Yep, that’s what I said
Toys R Us Kid: That’s greedy!
GachiYellow: Indeed it is! [Conversation ends]

Toys R Us Kid you better stick to tracking down White girls sucka. I want all Japanese women to myself. There’s no way I’m giving you any vital information concerning this subject.

Also, before any of you ask, no, I will not name the Japanese AV model whom I used in this conversation. Just know that she looks very lovely.

GachiYellow out

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OMG! OTHER BLACK PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO GET IT! [I say other because I'm Black] On some videos I think it better for me not to comment. I think this may be one of them. It’s time for everybody, including myself, to educate themselves on who the real enemy is.

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