‘Lack of empathy’ does not explain psychopaths tendency for violence

Can somebody explain this to me? Why does every source I read about psychopaths say psychopaths are violent because they lack empathy? This irritates me. Maybe I’m missing some valuable information here. Somebody feel me in. As far as I can tell this reasoning is extremely flawed. Let me explain why. There needs to be a motivating factor for violence. I’ll use examples to quickly convey my ideas.

Here’s an example of lack of empathy with no motivation
–The majority of humans have no empathy for rocks yet we do not waste time destroying them for no apparent reason. There’s no value in it. Just like normal people don’t relate to rocks, psychopaths don’t relate to humans. What value is there in attacking people? Furthermore, unlike breaking rocks, there’s great deterrents in attacking humans — that being injury, death, or prison. Lack of fear, which is a psychopathic characteristic, is not equivalent to stupidity. Moreover, many psychopaths are highly intelligent. Since they’re intelligent logic should dictate its not to their benefit to do such things under most circumstances.

Here’s an example of lack of empathy with motivation
–Most people have no empathy for mosquitoes. Most people will not go out of there way to kill mosquitoes unless they feel they’re about to be bitten. This is a perfect example of how motivation is needed for violence. Mosquitoes attack humans. Humans kill mosquitoes. Its cause and effect.

Therefore I can only conclude psychopaths enjoy killing or see it as a form of entertainment.  Knowing how another person feels is not needed to know if something’s right or wrong. That’s knowledge not empathy. [Expanding on the idea, name a psychopath that likes to be stabbed? They know it hurts. They know they don't want it done to them.] A lack of anything, conscience, empathy, morals, etcetera does not seem like a logical explanation for their ill will towards humans. Lacking these things may make them more likely to become violent but it’s not the reason for them being so. Anyone who thinks I’m wrong needs to explain why.

GachiYellow out

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“‘He Could Have Brought Ebola Here’: Minnesota Widow on Her Husband”

“Nigeria felt a chill from the hot zone when a 40-year-old man collapsed and died from the dread Ebola virus after flying there from Liberia.

That hot zone chill now reaches America, with word that the same man was scheduled to fly to Minneapolis in time for an August 16 party celebrating the birthdays of two of his three young daughters.”


There’s only one reason why I posted this article. I warned the NWO could use a bio-weapon and spread it world wide via airplanes. The article can be found here:


I JUST WANT AMERICANS TO KNOW THAT ANY TREATMENT OR VACCINE YOU TAKE ONCE THE ANY PANDEMIC ARRIVES, NO MATTER WHAT IT MAY BE, WILL BE SPIKED. Many of you morons will take it and those who do will die. Get ready. I see people have to learn the hard way that the NWO is not joking around about killing 99% of the human population.

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“Australian govt blindfolds citizens with ‘unprecedented’ media gag order – WikiLeaks”

“WikiLeaks has accused the Australian government of blindfolding the public with the worst suppression order in “living memory.” The media gag bans Australian news outlets from reporting on a multinational corruption case for reasons of national security.


Every time a government wants to deceive the public or hide the truth they ALWAYS  declare “national security”.  This trick is getting old. When will people catch on. If a country wants any type of national security they need total transparency. Australians need to break this gag order in mass. Every sovereign nations biggest enemy is itself.

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“Nearly 300,000 suicides in India so far from GMO crop failures”

“despite the lies you may have heard from mainstream news sources, nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995 as a direct result of mounting debt and crop failures associated with GMO crops.


Do you people like dying? This is what GMO’s and companies like Monsanto bring. They bring total death and destruction. These people poisoning our food need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

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“Sessions: America Must Fight Obama’s Planned Executive Amnesty, Work Permits For 5-6M Illegals”

What does congress have to say about Obama’s TREASON?! Spoiler, of course they say his actions are against the law.

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“Benefits for EU [ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS] in the UK will be cut off after three months, says PM…”

“The Government will make changes to the immigration system that put “Britain first” and ensure that the UK is “a country that is not a soft touch”, Mr Cameron says. “We changed the rules so that no one can come to this country and expect to get out-of-work benefits immediately; they must wait at least three months,” Mr Cameron adds.”


That’s a step in the right direction BUT there should be NO BENEFITS for illegal immigrants.

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“Democrat state goes ballistic against illegal [aliens]“

“More than 5,000 chant ‘Impeach, impeach’ in Boston

The protests against illegal immigration flared up in an unusual place this weekend when more than 5,000 people rallied in Boston, Massachusetts, an area that has historically voted for Democrats.”


Impeach? Obama needs to be executed. Obama knows what he is doing. This is a type of a-symmetrical warfare. It is TREASON. He must be punished for his crimes so justice can be restored. Open borders will destroy this country. It will collapse the dollar! [How? By the stress illegal immigrants put on the medical, welfare, educational, and other governing systems] Does anyone understand what I’m saying? Hyper inflation will set in and the dollar will be WORTHLESS. This means you will not be able to buy food at any reasonable price. Americans if you want to starve in the streets you’re about to get it. The time for being willfully ignorant is over. Either we learn who the enemy is or we die. This is not a game!

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