Any terror attack on America will be orchestrated by evil elements in US government: PROOF

Senator Inhofe warns of potential terrorist attacks on U.S. soil

He knows isis plans how?!

TSA Admits Lying About Illegal Aliens Flying Without Proper ID

Stand Down: U.S. Border Gate Left Wide Open, Unguarded

It’s extremely obvious US defenses are deliberately being lowered. Obviously given the right stimuli Isis [PREVIOUSLY NAMED AL QAEDA ] Will attack. Also the US FUNDS AL QAEDA, AKA ISIS. THEY JUST CHANGED THE NAME.

“It’s Official: US Funding Al Qaeda and Taliban”

Let me recap this so even morons can understand.

1. The US funds Al Qaeda which has been renamed to Isis
2. US defenses have been deliberately lowered. This makes us easy targets.
3. On top of 1 and 2, the US government KNOWS we’re about to be attacked. They WILL allow it. It is treason. How can I say that for sure? READ NUMBERS ONE AND TWO AGAIN MORONS!

Some may ask “why would our government do that?”
To kill you. To kill you. To kill you. TOO KILL YOU. TO KILL YOU. TO KILL YOU! It’s very freaking simple. They’re already brain damaging you, your friends, and your family by poisoning the water with fluoride. That’s probably why you people are to damn stupid to see obvious things.

No matter what I say of course every American will be in denial as usual. I will not have my freedoms taken because the general public worships the United States Government like God. Your denial allows the NWO to win!

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“Feds: Obama Broke Law with Bergdahl Swap”

“President Obama violated a “clear and unambiguous” law when he released five Guantanamo Bay detainees in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the Government Accountability Office reported Thursday.”

When does he go to jail?!

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Parts in bold are blatant lies.

Title: GachiYellow | 4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site
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“his website is part of a generic website called where many people can setup up webpages for free. Because of this the true business owner is hidden and we can only provide information on the parent site, which is For information sites such as blogs this is normally ok – BUT if you are considering paying for something through this site, you should excercise caution! We have noticed many new fake and fraudulent ecommerce sites using these sites because the owner is hidden”

First of all I don’t sell anything. Second, I’ve repeatedly said I live in GEORGIA! Third, For the most part I do not post personal information online. Listen closely if websites start slandering me I may sue. I highly suggest you remove your BS information

On a side note, I have a “81%” approval rating. It should be 100%. I have to sell something in order to scam someone. AGAIN, I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING. I’m sick of you liars.

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Massive News: “CDC whistleblower reveals cover-up linking MMR vaccines to autism in African-Americans”

“If what we are hearing so far is true, it means the CDC has deliberately run a decade-long cover-up which condemned tens of thousands of African-American children to a life of autism caused by MMR vaccines. It would also mean the CDC has engaged in a shameless conspiracy to hide the truth about the damage caused by vaccines…

A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys.”

I guarantee you the NAACP will not talk about this! “When one person dies, it’s a tragedy, but when a million people die, it’s a statistic.” All of America’s talking about one cop and racism in the police force. [Referring to Ferguson] How will the media respond when they hear this? More importantly how will normal people respond when they hear this. Needless to say this endangers all  Black Americans!

Everyone involved in this needs to be executed. I can’t even find proper words to describe how horrible this is.

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“Document: Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against “Unarmed Civilians” During “Full Scale Riots” in U.S.”

“The 132-page document, titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances (PDF), was written in April 2014 and recently obtained by Public Intelligence….The most shocking aspect of the document is the fact that it describes the deployment of a “lethal response” directed against “unarmed civilians,” including “sniper response” and “small arms direct fire.”

I know why people deny the truth now. If they face reality they have to become proactive. I really hope the NWO doesn’t win but at least if they do all the morons with Stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance will die as well.  Knowing this makes me happier than it probably should.

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Police tell Detroiters to buy guns

“Detroit police chief James Craig…has repeatedly called on “good” and “law-abiding” Detroiters to arm themselves against criminals in the city.”

YES! Some people understand. How do you stop evil? DEATH! It’s the only answer.  I know that sounds radical to people but everyone needs to pull back for a second and use their brain. Criminals wouldn’t be criminals if they obeyed  or feared the law. Criminals may be able to bypass law but they can NOT bypass death. Death doesn’t discriminate.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Statistics and history proves where there are guns there’s less crime. Why is that? It’s because the bullet in it, if used, WILL KILL THEM.  It’s (should be) common sense.

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CNN LIES: Police use tear gas on innocent people!

“CNN denied reports that tear gas was used in Ferguson, Mo. Sunday morning after protesters defied the state-imposed curfew.”

VIDEO Below of tear gas used on non-violent, innocent civilians and reporters.

The police state is coming. I’m not going to say a lot here. It’s time for Americans to see for themselves.  It’s time to find out how ignorant the American people really are. Ignore this at your peril. The NWO won’t stop until we’re all dead.

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